A Playboy Photographer says about them job “the dream of a lifetime had finally come true. To see my name in an international magazine is a feeling I cannot describe.”

1) Beer Taster

Doubtlessly one of the coolest jobs on the planet, particularly if you get pleasure from a good beer, is working as Beer and taster. Yes, this job is just as tremendous as it sounds – somebody pays you to drink beer and ale. For beer lovers, it really doesn’t get any better than this – am I right?

2) Professional Snuggler

If your dream job is just to lay with someone and get paid–specialized snuggler is a real position. First taking off in Japan businesses, where clients can rest with a professional snuggler quickly, came from foreign. For hourly fees, clients snuggle up to an unfamiliar person to relax after a long day. In earlier years, cuddling — billed as platonic, therapeutic, non-sexual touch, remedial,  on websites like the Cuddlist and Snuggle Buddies — has become the hottest thing in wellness, beyond yoga and meditation. Sounds very swingerish. Is it like a key party?

It’s nonsexual, so there are rules are placed, like keeping your clothes on the entire time. They’re frequently held in a yoga-type studio, with yoga mats, blankets, pillows. You come in, take off your shoes, put a name tag on. The first few minutes are icebreakers: getting to know each other, going over rules about consent, communication. What kind of people goes to a cuddling party? 

It’s people from different walks of life, most of them in their mid-20s to mid-50s.

3) National Geographic Traveler

Nothing more to say on this…as the whole world knows about the thrill and excitement of this job. So just put your 1000% effort to get this if you would able to get this. I swear you would never gonna quit that. Yeah I mean it

4) Playboy Photographer

It’s a desirable job for many photographers, the best place to get fame and career.

A Playboy Photographer says about them job “the dream of a lifetime had finally come true. To see my name in an international magazine is a feeling I cannot describe.”

5) Medical Marijuana Tester

For all the Marijuana lovers, it’s the best job for them. What could be better than this that you are legally allowed to smoke the marijuana contents; it’s a different think that it’s for testing purpose for medical side. But still, you are getting what you want. Isn’t?


6) Professional Mattress Jumper


You must be thinking that those high-end mattresses people pay thousand’s of dollars for are handmade. As it turns out, they’re also foot made, as somebody is indeed getting paid to jump on many times in order to squeeze no fewer than 28 layers of cotton batting. As a jumper’s say “You probably thought those high-end mattresses people pay thousands of dollars for are hand-made. As it turns out, they’re also foot made, as someone is actually getting paid to jump on them hundreds of times in order to compress no fewer than 28 layers of cotton batting.”

7) CEO of Whatever You Created

Nothing is much grateful then to become a CEO of a running company. As I am working hard too, becoming but it’s not the overnight things or an easy task for anyone. But that is the beauty of this responsibility; you are on driving seat, you have the supreme power to make the precious decision. Everyone is seeking towards your decision. It’s the life as an iconic personality. How beautiful is this feeling; so just stand up and start doing work for it. It will give you the power to change this world an according to your thinking. If your dream is to become a CEO, then you have no time to waste a minute.

8)  Airline Pilot

An Airline pilot is hands down one of the supreme jobs ever founded… Nothing beats leaving your house at twelve in the afternoon and being in a different country just a few hours afterward…it’s damn cool. It has its downsides. There are mornings where you have early flights and so have to get up at scratchy times and occasionally flight hours are extended, but it is still a thrill and a reward for doing. This is the most electrifying job in the world. What’s superior to in the air quicker than the speed of sound all around the world? Nothing is more grateful than emotion. 

Best benefits of this job are that you don’t have to work many hours, get a high-pay, and get to travel the world.

9) Private Island Caretaker

It’s for those who love natural beauty, fun in the sun, and a healthy dose of isolation, becoming the caretaker of a private island could be a dream comes true.

10) Netflix Tagger

If you’ve never dreamed of being paid to watch Movies or TV, you may not be the human being. Netflix tagging has brought this dream job to the real world. In this spot, recruiters just have to watch the content on Netflix, and then enter key relating words into the system for every show. By tagging media in Netflix with keywords, it’s easier for users to explore for shows as they want to see. This further means you will get paid to watch TV and to make the world a better place.

11) Car Tester

Nothing to say, the above image itself describes luxuries the job

12) Modeling

Modeling is the probably every girl dream job. Alas, you have to have an attractiveness face for it. As obvious what would be better than to get paid to stand there and look good, best job ever. It’d be like someone handing you money for being pretty.

13) Boob Adjuster

You won’t believe, but this job actually exists in the fashion industry. If you would get the chance to become a boob adjuster of your favorite celebrity, just tell me is there any better job than this?