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Choosing the style that’s best for you

It is very important for you to know what suits you and what does not if you want to dress in style and keep yourself fashionable. Looking beautiful is not just about shopping for good and fashionable clothes, but rather it is about buying the right ones for you.


Everyone has a distinct style of their own, and hence, different clothes are meant for different people. If your body type and general personality permit it, then you can go for women’s European fashion, or if your style is more ethnic, then you should pick clothes that are of that type. If you are having difficulties in understanding which type of clothes is meant for you, then here are some tips that you can follow:

  1. You can start by evaluating your body type. Everybody has a distinct type of its own and hence different dresses will go with different body types. The main distinction is between two types of clothing – western and eastern. Try on both these two types, and then, decide which one looks good on you. If you are feeling undecided, then go for an opinion or two than yours. Ask people how you are looking and which one they think looks the best on. Always ask for opinion from people who know you the most and whose fashion sense you trust.
  2. The next thing that you need to focus on is your face type. Believe it or not, but every face has a type. While some faces are meant for heavy earrings and look good with loud makeup, others are best left natural with little or no jewellery as such. If your face is of the latter category, then there are high chances that western clothing will look really good on you. If your face permits heavy jewellery, then you should think about eastern clothing.
  3. No matter whether you are engaged in shopping for women’s European fashion clothing or browsing through eastern wear, the trick is not to look for the latest ones but to look for the cuts that suit your body. Different dresses have different cuts, like straight fit, A line, flare, etc. Which cut will suit you largely depends on whether you are fat or thin. So, take your figure size into account and try out various cuts before going for the one that gives you the perfect fit.


  1. No look is ever completed without the right accessories. So, when you shop for a dress just think back one and see whether you have complementary accessories or not. If not, then it is best advised to shop for a few suitable ones that you think will work fine with your dress.
  2. And last but not the least have a clear idea in mind as to the type of clothing that you are looking for when you go shopping. Too many options are bound to make you confused, and hence, pick up the ones that you need, other than any clothing that catches your attention.

These are simple and the most basic tips that will help you to stay as fashionable as you can be. Keep it stylish!