I have a huge struggle with frustration. I encountered it in so many ways, at several times in my life, that I feel like I am some kind of a professional/specialist. If you wonder why I have this huge expertise, here’s the explanation: “Growth never happens without it.”

The more you can store, solve and overcome frustration, the more growth you’re enduring. Avoiding it, hiding from it, deceiving the game, none of these tactics will make you a real human being.
Everyone is familiar with emotions of frustration, whether originating from your efforts falling short of performing a set of goals or someone else’s attempts failing to meet your expectations or demands. Coping with disappointment is all about identifying the sources that trigger the feeling and using the proper ways to choose a different emotional response.
Frustration. Remember! It winds you up & can take so much out of you.
Actually, it not only sucks energy but also diverts you and can steal quite a lot of time.
So what can you do?
Here is the point where a lot of people will just say, “I Quit” and give up. Before you do though, here are 8 ways you can blast through any frustration:
No matter what the situation is, people react to this behavior differently. It is natural for us to be frustrated now and then. It is the way we respond to it that matters. Will you try to find a solution, or will you just give in?
The critical behavior would be to act strongly towards others that are causing the problem. Just like any behavioral dilemmas that we encounter in our lifetime, there is always a way to overcome it.

But you would get amazed by knowing that there are some benefits too;
The Benefits of Frustration
Frustration/Disappointment is just like any other sensitive emotion. On the outside it feels uncomfortable, however beneath the surface, it can acknowledgeable beneficial if addressed in the right way. Let’s discuss the some of the benefits of frustration. These advantages will help you to understand better the positive impression that frustration can have on your life.
Consider for example that frustration is an instantaneous motivator. You’re frustrated because you know you can solve this problem. However, everything you’ve tried so far just hasn’t worked out.
What follows is a list of mind weapons and approaches we used to solve our frustration and limitation episodes.

Here are the 15 tips that I hope can help you succeed frustration!


1. Accept The Reality

Yes! Most important thing that we must follow is to accept it. Let say, something bad happened then please don’t spend your day thinking how beautiful life could be if it weren’t for that stupid incident or mistake. This is it! it’s frustrating, no doubt about it, but denying this reality will not lower the frustration, on the opposite, will make it stronger and stronger. Accept reality.
After you have pulled your thought back to where it can be surely helpful focus it on what is still positive in your life.
The quickest and easiest way to do so is to focus it on acknowledging what you do have.

2. Shift Your Focus

It’s so easy to get trapped in a spiral of anger and hopelessness when you’re frustrated, and I know that first hand. So the must thing is to shift your focus by meshing in small but imperious activities. “Just Get Involved.” Do take the essential steps to get over the frustrating situation, but do not ignore everything else around you.

3. Talk About It With A Friend

Find somebody you trust, or you must have at least one with whom you could share your feelings and talk about it. Let it out! don’t let it grow inside yourself until you blast. Most of the time, when you reach this point, it’s too late to make a meaningful change that will restore your reality. Let your worries and your tension fly. After all, this is what friends are for, right?

4 Recognise A List Of Possible Actions

What exactly will make the situation satisfactory again?
What are the things that you could actually do to improve your current status? Make a list. Try to classify every possible action, as unlikely as it may seem, and put it on the list. At the end of this, you’ll feel extremely better so, in my suggestion, you have to work on it.

5. Sleep – The Ultimate Rescue Therapy

Utmost of your unconscious life happens while you’re asleep. Try to go to bed with a clear thought of interpretation. Don’t try to find a resolution, just prepare yourself for getting out of that frustrating circle. During the night your unconscious mind will find resources to make you stronger. Beleive me its a fact!

6. Be-Your Own Avatar

Try to look at yourself from “the outside.” Address on a piece of paper what an observer would see at you.
How do you behave? How do you talk, how do you act?
The more you’ll do this exercise, the more you’ll differentiate yourself from the frustrating persona and take control over it at the same time.

7. Stop Blaming Yourself

Maybe sometime this situation comes; you did something wrong, and your present situation is the consequence of that mistake. Take responsibility but don’t blame yourself; as it’s all in the past. You’re in the present now, and you can do something about it. Blaming yourself will only put weight on that past and drag you down. Just avoid it at all cost.

8. Take A Walk (That’s My Favorite)

Even on the wild side, if you prefer the wild side, but do take a walk. The small action of moving will set you up for action and hopefully will make your mind a little clearer. Walking always helps me put my thoughts in order and let off the fumes a little bit. And it’s free of charge, you know? So we have a great reason to do this.

9. Rent Some Enthusiasm

Stay around with energetic/positive people or get involved in active works. Choose to be part of something that consumed a lot of energy. Get involved in new projects. Being around passionate people is the best thing you could gift yourself, it will lower the frustration to the point where it can actually become manageable. And it will make you just feel far better than your expectation.

10. Soak & Dry

Let it pass through you until you’re absolutely overloaded. Just be sure not to do something during this stage. Confine from the world and empower yourself to be frustrated. Then deliberately wait for the frustration to dry out. Sometimes, an approach is the only way to deal with it healthily.

11. The Hard One: Stand Up And Fight

Be an active soldier. Address yourself orders and follow them strictly. Instill some rough and unquestionable discipline in your life. Get up early in the morning, do your work as if you’re on a battle field and then go to sleep; but this time battle with yourself. Repeat until your problems become just circumstances you can solve by following a natural course of new orders.

12. Stop Blaming Others

Remember it may seem like a relief, blaming others it’s just a short hack; it won’t last. In 99% of the situations, what we experience is the direct result of our own actions.

13. Do Small, Repetitive Tasks

Borrow the behavior of a machine; funny but its useful guys. Do these tiny small things you ignored so much because they seemed so boring. Now it’s the best time to start working on them. Divide your time and focus will dissolve the pressure. Frustration will slowly absorb in this sea of tiny, repetitive tasks.

14. Estimate The Progress

Each & every second of your life changes something. Look and analysis for the small steps you’re doing and assess them. The first item on this assessment list may be: “I’m starting to estimate my progress, and this is in itself a huge step forward”. The more you write, the higher your growth will appear.

15. Dilute It With Meditation

I don’t teach meditation but it’s all-in-one cure, but from my personal experience, it does help. Meditation will not only shift your focus from your current situation, but it will also clean your thought and aid your body to regain a suggestive energetic balance. Remember you’ll still have to take action, meditation will only dilute it. But the real step is still yet to come is the YOU; you are the only one who could help yourself. Always remember this.

As with any problem, the answer is to figure out what your options are, decide on a plan, focus, and then take actions. By using the above 15 steps, you should find that you’re running into fewer problems and be feeling less frustration. Preferably, you may find that you’re running into opportunities and you know exactly how to take advantage of them.