How to Install PrestaShop Tutorial

In this second article of Prestashop Tutorial, you will learn how to install PrestaShop on your website. (If you missed you first one then you must read it here Presta-tutorial-1). You can find the latest release of PrestaShop i.e 1.7 version at the PrestaShop’s official website (https://www.prestashop.com).

Key Feature of PrestaShop 1.7: –    

  •  Latest version, released on November 7, 2016
  • 500+ features to build your store and sell online
  • Quickly build a custom template with the Starter Theme
  • Integration of the Symfony framework
  • Hundreds of modules and themes available right there
  • Learn more about PrestaShop 1.7 (Link)

In order to begin the installation, you should follow these steps:

  1. Download the Latest Release from thePrestaShop’s official website.
  2. Extract the package locally on your computer.
  3. Upload the installation package via cPanel’sFile Manager or using an FTP client. Remember one key thing in mind that the uploaded package should reside under the public_html directory, which is the web root folder for your account, or alternatively under a subdirectory of it.
  4. Prior to initiating the installation, a new database should be created. Add the corresponding user to the database. You can easily do this following theMySQL Tutorial.

Now elaborating above all points in just two steps:

Video Source – Mad Public School

Step 1: Select a web hosting package

Before constructing your own shopping cart site, you need a web server, sufficient disk space, bandwidth, a domain name, a MySQL database, and an FTP account. It seems to be complex to have all of these things arranged, but in fact, a good-featured web hosting package can prepare all of them for you.

When selecting a package, you should choose one from a dependable and believed company which offers you with satisfactory resources, and is able to keep your website staying online and running fast all the time. It would be better if the company also offers a free domain name and some marketing credits. If you are not a skilled in web design and development, make sure that the web hosting package you choose includes security features like shared SSL, password protected directories and Open PGP/GPG encryption, which will help you maintain the security of your website. Another feature you should consider is the 1-click PrestaShop installer which can automate the installation so as to save you the time and efforts in downloading, uploading

Another feature you should consider is the 1-click PrestaShop installer which can automate the installation so as to save you the time and efforts in downloading, uploading the zip file, creating a database, or something else. Using a 1-click installer, PrestaShop will be installed properly in seconds.
Note: – PrestaShop can host your online business on its in-house web servers: PrestaBox was built in order to free from any technical hassle, such as installing or updating PrestaShop.
Please consult our PrestaBox website for details on our low-priced, secure website hosting service. This is extremely recommended for businesses with slight to no experience with the Internet or computers.

You can reach PrestaBox at this address: http://www.prestabox.com/
Or there are thousands of web hosts supporting PrestaShop, but only a few of them are able to meet the requirements mentioned above

Step 2: Install PrestaShop

There are 2 ways to get PrestaShop installed. If you are not familiar with technical knowledge, you’d better use an auto installer to do the installation for you. Or you can also choose to install the software manually.
Install PrestaShop with a 1-Click Installer
Once you have signed up with a web host who offers 1-click installer, the installation of PrestaShop can be more than easy. Let’s take Digital Pacific as an example. This company has an auto installer named SimpleScripts “App Installer” To install PrestaShop, you just need to complete the following simple steps

  1. Log into cPanel, scroll down to Simple-Scripts Installations section, and click on the Simple-Scripts icon.

In the new page, scroll the application list down to PrestaShop and click on it.

  1. In the Installation PrestaShop page, click on the Install button.
  2. Choose the version you prefer, and complete the box which requires the information about the place where you would like to install PrestaShop.
  3. When it comes to the Advanced Options, name your website and get a password.
  4. Check out the information and click on Complete.

Then, PrestaShop will be installed automatically, and all you need to do is to log in your new online store with the provided information, including site URL, login URL, username and password. Now your website is up and running.

Install PrestaShop Manually
In the case that your web host does not provide you with any 1-click installer, you have to install PrestaShop manually if you’d like to set up an online store with this software. The process might be a little bit confusing for newbies, but as long as you follow the following steps, you can still handle it by yourself.

  1. Just Log into the control panel and create a new database.
  2. Now, Log into phpMyAdmin using the information provided by your web host.
  3. Download PrestaShop and then exact the zip file locally on your computer.
  4. Download FTP software like FileZilla.
  5. Transfer all of the PrestaShop files to the server using FTP (if you don’t have the login information, check your email or contact your web host).
  6. Open your browser and go to //yourdomainname.com/presta.
  7. Select the language you prefer to use in your online shop and press the Next button.
  8. Confirm that the system configuration can meet PrestaShop requirements, then click on the Next button again.
  9. Fill out the needed information to configure your database and verify the database.

Now PrestaShop is properly installed. For security reasons, just remember to delete the “install” folder. Now you can use the “admin” folder to log into PrestaShop store.
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