You will fall in love again, definitely next time with a much-enhanced person who will also love you back. Indeed. One-Sided Love Sucks, but here is some solutions that how to deal with it.

Do you remember your first love?

Several say teenage years are the most excellent part of their lives because it’s the time of enjoyment, enthusiasm, and mischief. Looking back at the long-ago, some even state that they found the love of their lives throughout these times. Love in teenage has been a never-ending phenomenon; it is nothing new. Only just the face of love has changed, teenagers of these days are accompanying on social networking sites, mobile phones and certainly when they are in school. There are many physical, mental, emotional and hormonal changes that every teenager goes through during this period. And as a result of these changes they develop fascination or more frequently ‘crush’ on the opposite gender. This crush can come from both sides as well as one-sided. If it is mutual, things still okay and normal, but when this crush is one-sided, it can cause various major evils. Evidently, not all first love stays as most people believe. One sided love or unreturned love is not just damaging; it’s intensely hurting and tremendously humiliating. I wish no one would ever suffer from it.

The best way to deal with unreturned love is to acknowledge the refusal early and stop all contacts. I have sensed, People suffering from unrequited love, habitually fail to agree to the denial the first time they receive it. Not tolerating the reputation early on, results in multiple repeated rejections which cause so much pain. Past behavior is an excellent pointer of future conduct. If an individual has rejected you in the past, he will reject in future, don’t attempt harder to make that person love you.
Unreciprocated love is very humiliating. Nothing is worth bringing up the rear your dignity for. If you lose your dignity for someone, they will NEVER-EVER admire and respect you again.
To all those people suffering one sided love: –
You will fall in love again, definitely next time with a much-enhanced person who will also love you back. Indeed

One-Sided Love Sucks, but here are some solutions that how to deal with it: –
Now although I’m not expert in the field of relationships and love, I’ve been there. I’ve felt the heartbreak and have felt entire, painfully, alone. I have an excellent support system of friends and family who has always helped me through all in my life, but heartbreak from “relationships that never were” is a realm only we one-sided lovers can understand this. So, I’m here to offer some complimentary consultation and tips on how to deal with it. Although the pain felt from unrecompensed love may be the most painful, I believe it’s the easiest to bounce back from.

So here are a few things for all teenagers that go through when they are in one-sided love and how it could affect their lives. 

1)You always feel neglected

When you are in one-sided love, you always sense neglected. You think another person doesn’t care, whereas in actuality sometimes the other person does not even know about your existence and that you love her. You feel disregarded, and as an effect, you feel that no one cares about you and your emotions.

2)You are more prone to jealousy

When you see your crush speaking to somebody or being intimate with a guy, you are charged with envy. You make up stories about her alleged relationship with someone else. You regularly stay in this dark conception of losing her, when in fact; you never had her in the first place. This bends your relationship with your family and friends. Some teenagers, who are so dejected about their one-sided love life, even think about committing self-destruction. Numerous of depressed people show how they feel by wearing in a different way by acting out and hurting others in school.

3) You always live under the burden of touching her expectations

You think your love attention doesn’t talk to you because she likes guys who are cooler than you, who wear hottest stylish clothes or who have the weird hairstyle. While the truth is she might like simple guys who remain reserved and quiet. You always try to follow other ‘cooler’ guys and forget who you are. You take the unnecessary burden on yourself of reaching her expectations resulting in dim-witted distractions.

4) As you are always thinking about the person you have a crush on; am I right?

You wasted a lot of your time thoughts about your love attention. You dream about the little details of what she is like and how gorgeous she looks when she wears your preferred dress. The time you waste can be used for fruitful actions like studying, playing or luxuriating in some different class of art.

5) You are always in fear of getting caught

You are in love, but you don’t want anyone to know. You always want to keep it a secluded affair never telling anybody how you feel about the person you have a crush on. You never reveal your love towards the person you have a crush on, and hence always live in a state of worry of getting captured.

6) You isolate yourself

You separate yourself from your buddies and family as you think they would make fun of your for being in love with a girl who barely bothers you. You stop communicating and socializing with people. But this is the moment when you can grow your society, get to reach new people, share their wisdom as well as yours and learn new things about the world but you alienate yourself.

7) You get vindictive at times 

Worst thing happens when teenagers turn into mutineers. The state of depression, anxiety, and self-antipathy leads to significant steps like revenge. Sometimes they harm themselves, but many times they try to hurt their crush. It is remarked in many cases of attack that the victim was somebody’s love interest and when she left without his proposal, the guy molested her. This state is harmful to both the guy and the girl. Such actions taken on inclination can ruin your life.

8) Watch out – it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you

When you love someone who doesn’t look like to care for you, it can be easy to wrestle over why they don’t like/love you the way you do them. The fact is, you may be the best looking, wittiest, brightest, most fun person in the world, and they still may not like you the way you like them. Trying to get something from someone who doesn’t have it to give is a little like King commanding the waves to stop their tidal flow to shore. If they don’t love you, it’s not because you’ve done anything wrong. Some people aren’t superb at loving.

9) Self-worth to your beloved is an immature obsession

Linking your self-worth to your Sweet Heart is an immature thing. With the passage of time, you will encounter many Sweet Hearts. You can fall in love as many times as you want. However, none of them can determine your self-worth for you. Your self-worth is something very personal. Nobody and I repeat this that nobody can determine your self-worth for you except yourself!

One sided love cannot be divided between two because it’s initiative of one person not both of you that’s why one own has to tolerate all the stuff whether it’s frustration, irritation, sadness, happiness, etc. These all cannot be shared in one-sided love. Teenage years are the bringing you either total success or total failure and therefore its crucial years of your life. It is often the turning point where you decide about your future, education, career, etc. So do not take the unnecessary burden of rejection in love. Life will give you several more possibilities and I can promise you, future has very sweet bombshells in store for you.

“Love comes and goes in life and still, life moves on”