You will soon need to create your admin account that will enable you to manage your shop. Some basic things that you should have to consider.

1) Shop name refers to the name you want to give your Presta-shop. For example, you can insert the name of your company or website here. You should write the name regarding your nature of the shop.

2) Shop logo is the signature logo you want to appear in your shopping cart. Use your best-created website’s logo if you have one. You can upload your logo, instead of using the default PrestaShop logo. PrestaShop will instantly upload the image and display it in the space below.
Note: If you don’t have a logo, so you don’t truly have to upload a logo right now. You can always edit this later after you install.

a. The fields First name, Last name, and E-mail address are self-explanatory.
b. Make sure you create a secure password for your Shop password. You’ll have to enter it again in the Re-type to verify field, to make sure that you’ve entered it accurately the first time. Your password only can use letters and numbers and must to be at least 8 characters long.
c. Check the Receive notifications by e-mail box.
Click the “Next” button when you’re done.

3) Congratulations! Installation is Complete
When PrestaShop has finished setting up all, you’ll be given a summary of your settings, along with a notice to delete the “install” directory of your shopping cart. The installer also gives 2 links. The first link, labeled “My Front Office” simply leads you to the shopping cart as your visitors will see it. Your URL (or web address) of this shopping cart is just the same address/path you typed earlier to get to your shopping cart. Now the “My Back Office” is a link to your admin interface where you can configure your shopping cart more.
Now let’s talk about the Front Office; at this point, the “Front Office” is just a dummy page, since you haven’t actually configured everything yet. Also, the “Back Office” link will refuse to let you log in. Click those links if you don’t believe me (open them in a new browser tab or window if you know how to, otherwise just click them). Don’t worry, and no harm will come from trying them out.

To resolve the problem of not being able to log into the Back Office, start up your FTP program again and connect to your website as before. Go to the folder where you earlier uploaded the PrestaShop shopping cart files.

Then highlight the folder named “admin.” Right click it, that is, move into the word “admin” and click the mouse right button. A menu should appear. Click the “Rename” item. This will allow you to edit the name of the folder. You will need to give the folder a name other than “admin.” The name can be any name you want, like “xyz” or “unifav” or whatever, but I suggest that you do NOT put any spaces between the name, and use only the small letters (lowercase) and numbers in the name. Using any different character may cause you problems in the future.
Important Point: Do NOT use your password as the folder name! Your admin URL is not a complete secret. Your shopping cart “Back Office” page loads update information from the PrestaShop website, which means that your entire admin web address will seemingly appear in their weblogs.

Once you have modified the name, you should access your “Back Office” (your admin page) using the new folder name. For example, if your shopping cart URL was, and your admin folder name is called unifav, your new Back Office address is That is, just add the folder name to the web address of your shopping cart.

These are the simple things that we should consider while configuring the Presta-Shop. If you face any problem while setting; then remember one thing that the Unifav Team will love to help you.