Even after using all those expensive cosmetics and following the tips which your friendly neighborhood beauty experts give you, do you end up with dull-looking skin? Here are some effective tips that are surely going to work!

Every woman would like to feel beautiful. No surprise that young ladies go for lots of scaling down and elect for the `girl next door’ look in place of the `Diva’ look. Hence, they using these foundations usually end up with an artificial look. So here are the some tips.

Tips to reduce skin dullness

1) Hydrate:

The first thing you have to do is to hydrate yourself and your skin. Make sure you drink plenty amounts of water as it clears out toxins from it.

Also, using moisturizing on your skin will help in its upkeep which will make sure that it does not dry out or seem dull.


2) Breathe: Yes, an easy way to get more oxygen into your practice and also the glow back is to breathe. If you think you are having fresh breath all the time and your skin is still dull, you may want to try breathing/blowing workouts like pranayama, anulom-vilom, etc.

3) Cleanse: Remember one most important thing to do; especially make it a point to cleanse/wash your skin in the morning and night to raise make-up, dust, and any other all kind of impurities from it. Also, go for regular clean-ups which involve a massage and a pack and will enhance blood circulation to the skin.
4) Eat healthy:

Please make few dietary modifications such as decreasing the consumption of oily, junk food and drinking less and quitting smoking/alcohol will go a long way in clearing the dullness.

5) Exercise: Exercising is the golden rule which helps in improved blood rotation and taking good oxygen in your body. When you do good work out, you also sweat which liberates toxins, and all these combined efforts lead to glow in your skin.
6) Beauty treatments: Some beauty procedures can bring back the lost shine in your skin. These carry organic, skin peels, etc. It is an excellent approach to get your skin analyzed by a specialist before you option for any of those to choose the one best-suited for your skin.
7) Home solutions: If you do not want to shell out a lot of money, you can use your household items for face packs made using home cures like fruits and vegetables to bring the glow back and degrade the dullness.