Learn how to upload bulk category via CSV, PrestaShop. If your website(PrestaShop) contains a large number of categories, you may see it more efficient to import a CSV file of categories rather than creating each category one-by-one in the PrestaShop back office. So here this tutorial guides you through importing categories into PrestaShop.

Be sure that your CSV file is correctly formatted before beginning the PrestaShop import process. The CSV import easily uploads category when you have a very large amount of category. Please read this post step by step with the screenshot.  (Click here If you want to know How to add Categories in PrestaShop)

Open Microsoft Excel and fill all mandatory field in excel sheet example of the fields are below:


Active (0/1)

Name *

Parent category

Root category (0/1)


Meta title

Meta keywords

Meta description

URL rewritten

Image URL

This field in excel add something like this please see screen shot:

Save this excel file in CSV format for pressing F12 or clicking save as option from home menu as see screen shot:

Above mention Category details your see structure something like this:

–Men Clothing
–Men Footwear
–Men Personal Care
–Men Accessories

 –Women Clothing
— Women Footwear
— Women Personal Care
— Women Accessories

–Kids Clothing
–Kids Footwear
–Kids Personal Care
–Kids Accessories
-Home Appliances

For Importing these categories, you need to log in your PrestaShop Backend Panel:

After that go to Advanced Parameters >> CSV Import Option as you see in the screenshot:

Next step is select “category option”
(1) option and upload your saved category csv file from local disks or desktop
(2) change field separator in a semicolon (;) to comma (,)
(3) and click next step as you see in screen shot:

We need to go next step for matching all field for reference please see screen shot:

Now we have on final step for just clicking “Import. CSV data” then you see your Imported category on by clicking menu option Catalog > Category Final Screen below:

View Subcategory Screen Shot:

Congratulations! You successfully imported the all Categories.